What you are will show in what you do.
-- Thomas Alva Edison



Friday, January 15, 2016

Joy in whatever may be

Find life’s richness in the grand, impressive vistas as well as in the quiet, subtle details. Let yourself enjoy what’s not considered enjoyable along with all that is considered enjoyable.

Live every experience from a perspective of unrestrained gratitude, curiosity, wonder and awe. You don’t have to make judgments about others or apologies for yourself.

Whatever you have in this life, make the most of it by being authentic. Though it may cause problems and discomforts in the short run, you’ll never end up regretting your honesty about who you are.

Right now you are living your life, and that’s a big deal. Look around, and remind yourself of your good fortune.

Drop all the conditions you’ve imposed on the enjoyment of this moment. Realize the powerful truth that you can find joy in whatever may be.

Embrace that joy, live it now, and pass it along with love and good cheer. As soon as this beautiful, unique moment is gone, another one has already arrived, ready to be enjoyed.

— Ralph Marston


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