Compassion is the basis of morality.
-- Arnold Schopenhauer



Friday, August 7, 2015

Treasure whatever you have

It doesn’t matter whether you start with a lot or with a little. What matters is how diligently and purposefully you use it.

Whatever you have to work with is plenty with which to start. It is plenty, that is, when you choose to make full use of it.

Wishing that you could have it easier, won’t make it easier. Feeling resentful about whatever anyone else has to work with, won’t make your work any more effective.

The more fruitful choice is to be thankful for whatever you have. Your gratitude will shine a light on its true value, and open your mind to new ways for moving forward.

If you start with a lot of advantages and take them for granted, you’ll waste most of them. If you start with next to nothing, and yet truly treasure whatever you have, you can take yourself anywhere with it.

Life is dynamic, and responds very well to what you choose to do with it. So no matter what you have to work with, put all of yourself into the effort, and reap the rewards that your gratitude and diligence will surely bring.

— Ralph Marston


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