The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person's determination.
-- Tommy Lasorda



Saturday, March 28, 2015

Happy with what you have

The only way you’ll ever be happy is to be happy with what you have. You can be happy this very instant if you’ll simply be happy with what you have.

Being happy with what you have doesn’t prevent you from creating more. In fact, it puts you in a powerful position to add new value to your world and your life.

When you’re happy with what you have, you’re deeply in touch with life’s abundance. Within that abundance is every good possibility.

Be happy, and thankful, for the way life is. It will open your eyes to the best possibilities for the way life can be.

There is great value in whatever you already have. The way to see that value, and to make full use of it, is to be happy with what you have.

Life’s richness is yours the moment you allow it. Be happy with what you have, and nothing can stop you from having it all.

— Ralph Marston


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