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Change alone is eternal, perpetual, immortal.
-- Arthur Schopenhauer


Monday, October 27, 2014

Rise above the resentment

Much of the pain of undertaking a difficult task is the resentment you attach to it. Let go of the resentment and the pain will greatly subside.

Work does not have to be a punishment or a chore. It is only your attitude that makes it such, and you can change that attitude in an instant.

Imagine how it would feel to genuinely, even enthusiastically enjoy what you must do. Not only would you do a better job, you would feel a whole lot better while doing it.

Even while doing the most arduous work, you can enjoy being you. Even in the most tedious situation, you can fill your mind with positive and fascinating thoughts.

It might seem that whatever you’re doing is burdensome and meaningless. Yet that doesn’t mean your life ever has to be meaningless.

Rise above the resentment, and remind yourself how fortunate you are to be living your life in this moment. Give real joy to whatever you’re going through, and your life will absolutely grow richer and more fulfilling.

— Ralph Marston

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