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Opportunities multiply as they are seized, they die when neglected.
-- John Wicker


Friday, September 19, 2014

Expect better

Expect this day to be a richer, more fulfilling day than yesterday. Expect better, and your life will rise to meet those expectations.

Expect the most favorable outcome and you’ll discover ways to bring it about. Expect a positive experience and you’ll find the goodness in every situation.

The way you act is informed and influenced by what you expect. Choose to expect better and you’ll do better.

Expect to understand, to resonate and to forge deep connections with those around you, and you will. Expect to create value out of whatever you have to work with, and that value flows forth.

Expect to make a meaningful positive difference today. Expect peace, love, healing and goodness, and your efforts and energy will focus to bring them about.

Do yourself and your world a big favor, and expect better. Expect better, and find joy in the journey of making it so.

— Ralph Marston

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