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Do. Or do not. There is no try.
-- Yoda


Friday, June 13, 2014

Powerful advantage

By complaining about your troubles you make those troubles bigger. By being thankful for your blessings you make those blessings more prominent in your life.

If you dwell on how difficult and complicated some particular task is, you make it even more difficult for yourself. It is by being thankful and enthusiastic that you get it done more effectively.

Your thoughts give great power to what they’re focused upon. So choose to focus those thoughts on whatever you wish to make more influential in your life.

Your thoughts create the perspective from which you experience and interact with life. It is always in your best interest to make that a positive, empowering perspective.

Your thoughts won’t change the external factors in your world. However, your thoughts will most certainly affect what you can accomplish with those external realities.

Choose those thoughts that will frame this day in a positive, purposeful perspective. Your thoughts are yours to control, so make good use of them to give your actions and your life a powerful advantage.

— Ralph Marston

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