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There's nothing more dangerous than an idea if its the only one you have.
-- Mark Twain


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Every new moment

Time will pass no matter what. Give yourself something to show for it.

Give yourself some adventure, some achievement, some fellowship, learning, exhilaration, and other great moments of experience. Give yourself the benefit of working with discipline and focus to tackle a meaningful challenge.

Time moves forward, so get yourself moving forward with it. Make this day uniquely fulfilling, and then create even more fulfillment tomorrow.

You cannot go back and reclaim the hours, days and years that have already passed. Yet you can work to make the very most of every new moment that arrives.

Make time your friend by filling it with positive purpose as it arrives. Make time work for you by doing your best work with the time you have.

Time is filled with great promise and possibility. Claim all that value with purposeful, focused effort and lift your world higher as each moment passes.

— Ralph Marston

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