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Monday, March 31, 2014

Discover new goodness

Decide today to discover in your own way how truly good life is. Focus not on how good life may have been, or how good it might could be, but how good it is, right here and now.

Remind yourself of the countless possibilities that are open to you, right now, on this very day. Think of those things that are truly important, that really matter to you.

Instead of getting caught up in the crisis or drama of the moment, commit yourself to living with purpose and excellence. Explore and discover new ways to give life meaning and richness, and allow true goodness to flow from your heart.

Prove to yourself, again and again, in new and ever more fulfilling ways, how good life is. Live each moment with the assumption that there is great value to be created, and delight in the process of creating it.

Reach in and touch the precious part of you that knows how very good life is. Discover new goodness in each new moment.

Make the choice to live on the bright side of life today, and every day. Live the goodness and as you do, you are making much, much more.

— Ralph Marston

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