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To be able to do a thing, you must begin to do it, and keep on doing it until the thing is mastered.
-- James Allen


Friday, March 21, 2014

A way to be thankful

When you find a way to be thankful for something, you find the value in it. When you find a way to be thankful, you find a way to benefit.

That is especially true when you’re thankful for things that would not seem at first to be beneficial. The more you can be thankful for, the more real, meaningful value there will be in your life.

Be thankful for the difficulties. Your gratitude will make them less difficult and much easier to bear.

Be thankful for whatever you’ve just experienced. In that state of thankfulness you’ll find powerful lessons to be learned.

Gratitude enables you to see anything in a whole new, empowering light. Be thankful, and you’ll understand how truly rich you already are, and how much more richness you can now create.

Find a way to be thankful, and you’ll discover many new ways to move forward. Find a way to be thankful, and you’ll see that limitless abundance is yours to live.

— Ralph Marston

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