The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, nor touched ... but are felt in the heart.
-- Helen Keller



Wednesday, February 19, 2014

See it as a blessing

Whatever it is, see it as a blessing. With many things that’s very difficult, yet with everything it is extremely valuable.

When you can see it as a blessing, you can also see the positive possibilities. When you choose to see it as a blessing, you connect yourself to the power of abundance.

Whatever you see as a blessing brings you new ways to create value. You begin to solve the problem, to heal the pain and to transcend the challenge.

That’s a whole lot more positive and powerful than feeling sorry for yourself. It’s a whole lot smarter than ruining your day with anger and resentment.

You are extremely fortunate to be exactly where you are. Open yourself up to see that good fortune and you’ll find ways to make great, fulfilling use of it.

Accept and embrace the blessings that come your way, whatever form they may take. The more thankful and positive you are, the more those blessings will benefit your whole world.

— Ralph Marston


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