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Half of being smart is knowing what you are dumb about.
-- Solomon Short


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Face forward

Yes, it’s interesting and somewhat instructive to know how things got the way they are. What’s far more important, though, is what you choose to do going forward.

Pay attention to what has happened but don’t waste your precious and powerful energy becoming obsessed by it. Put that energy into moving in a positive direction.

It’s what you can do now that really matters. As big as they might have been, the expired opportunities of yesterday are now negligible compared to the possibilities of today.

What you can do now is connect with your most treasured dreams. What you can do now is act with passion and the highest expectations to bring those dreams to life.

Instead of living with wistfulness, regret, or anger about the past, you can live with positive purpose toward a great and shining future. The direction you face makes all the difference in the world, so make the choice to face forward.

This is a new moment, and with it comes the chance for a new start. Take that chance, grab that opportunity, and live your life forward in a beautiful and fulfilling way.

— Ralph Marston

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