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It's faith in something and enthusiasm for something that makes life worth living.
-- Oliver Wendell Holmes


Thursday, October 17, 2013

Make it great

It is nearly impossible for one person to quickly achieve great things. Yet it is within any person’s reach to do small things, again and again, until they add up to great results.

If you attempt to jump across a wide chasm in a single bound, you’ll fall helplessly to the bottom. However, when you walk carefully down one side, then across the floor and back up again, you’ll make it successfully to the other side.

What is it you seek to do, or have, or become, or experience? Work on it steadily, in challenging yet achievable steps, beginning right now.

Those who greedily want it all immediately end up with nothing but frustration. Those who persist, and then persist some more with one step after another, can reach whatever level they choose to reach.

The only way to truly enjoy the reward is to also enjoy the journey that brings you to it. Every moment, every obstacle, every advance and setback, every twist and turn is part of that journey.

Have faith, patience, purpose and unstoppable persistence. You’ll get there, and will indeed make it great.

— Ralph Marston

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