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Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.
-- Vincent Van Gogh


Monday, October 14, 2013

Your best day yet

You are here, on this day, with dreams, desires, challenges, opportunities, and the ability to successfully deal with it all. So give this day a solid, meaningful, positive purpose and claim the great value it offers.

Make the choice to make some progress in a direction of your choosing. Instead of merely letting the time pass, put life and love, substance and experience into that time.

Think of what a great opportunity you have with each day that comes your way. You have the opportunity to make a difference, to truly change the world, and to live your precious life in new and joyful ways.

Look back and recall the best day you’ve ever experienced, and make the choice to make this one even better. The quality of each day depends on what you put into it, so start right now to put your best into this day that you have.

Instead of merely wishing for what could be or complaining about what has been, you can do something much more powerful. You can act, right here and now, to significantly raise the quality of your life experience.

Today is happening, so take an active and positively supportive role. Feel your authentic purpose, live this day with that purpose, and make it the best day yet.

— Ralph Marston

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