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Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen.
-- John Steinbeck


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Give it a shot

Instead of wondering whether or not you can do it, find out for sure. Give it a shot, and give it your best.

Rather than worrying about looking foolish, focus on being creative, productive and effective. Choose a plausible way forward, and then go for it.

You might succeed or you might fail. Either way, you’ll end up much better off then just doing nothing.

Value is built not by speculation or by wishing or wondering. Value is built by solid, committed action and persistence.

You have it in you to create much more great and meaningful value in this world. What a shame it would be to let that potential go unused.

So go ahead, let go of the complacency and leave the excuses behind. Give it a shot, and make it happen.

— Ralph Marston

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