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A peaceful mind generates power.
-- Norman Vincent Peale


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Whole and indivisible

When you are getting the best of what you desire, it means you have been giving the best of who you are. When you are experiencing genuine fulfillment, it means you have been living with unceasing authenticity.

There’s no way to get around the fact that life is whole and indivisible. What you get and what you experience are inseparable from the way you choose to think, to feel and to be.

What you do in one area of your life exerts a sure and unavoidable effect on other areas of your life. What you think and say and feel and do cannot be removed from all that you are.

It is pointless to seek unfair advantage, because you end up being the victim of your own deviousness. In the same way, it is always beneficial to be loving and compassionate, because the goodness you create flows into your life just as much as any other life.

If you conduct your life through conflict, you make yourself a victim of conflict. When you conduct your life with love and authenticity, you lift up the whole of life into which you are inextricably woven.

There is no here and there or this and that, for it all exists together. Be good to it all, and feel the goodness you give as it reverberates everywhere.

— Ralph Marston

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