None are so empty as those who are full of themselves.
-- Benjamin Whichcote



Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Let go of need

Don’t let what you need get in the way of enjoying and expanding upon all the goodness you have. Each need is a burden, and most of them can be let go.

Chasing what you think you need takes precious time and resources away from living the beauty that is already yours. Imagine being free to truly be you.

Yes, you have obligations to your health, your family, your community and your world, and fulfilling those obligations is an essential part of your life. Yet apart from those true obligations are many needs and attachments that only serve to hold you back.

It’s not the acquiring or possessing or experiencing that brings you down and holds you back. It’s the need to acquire, to possess, or to experience that becomes so burdensome to you.

Make the intentional choice to live your purpose instead of living with the constant need for this or that. It’s a change in perspective that can free you to experience life at higher and higher levels.

Let go of the need to do or to have, and simply enjoy the doing and the having. Go beyond your needs, and let life’s great abundance be your abundance too.

— Ralph Marston


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