Without courage, wisdom bears no fruit.
-- Baltasar Gracian



Thursday, February 14, 2013

Your life matters

Your life matters, not only to you but to the whole world. You owe it to all of life to make your own experience the best it can be.

Your time matters. Every moment is an opportunity to add real richness and value.

Your outlook matters. By being focused on what’s positive, you make all of life more positive and fulfilling.

Your actions matter. What you do, changes things, and you have the very real ability to make the world better and better.

Your purpose matters. Do what you know is right, and right for you, not just what’s easy or convenient.

Feel your deep, powerful connection to all that is, and know in every moment how very much you truly matter. Live as though your life matters, because in every way, and on levels beyond all you can imagine, it absolutely does.

— Ralph Marston


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