How can we expect a harvest of thought who have not had a seedtime of character?
-- Henry David Thoreau



Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Make joy the cause

Don’t wait for joy to be a result of what you do. Make joy the cause of what you do.

Striving for good things will not make you happy. Let go of the striving, be happy, live that happiness, and the good things will come.

Be determined and ambitious, but not out of a desperate sense of need. Do it out of a love for the possibilities.

Don’t think of yourself as merely trying. See that everything you do is moving you forward.

Your perspective makes all the difference, so choose a positive, forward-looking one. Be a living affirmation of the beauty and value of your life.

Make real, authentic joy your cause. And make your results truly spectacular.

— Ralph Marston


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