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You must continue to gain expertise, but avoid thinking like an expert.
-- Denis Waitley


Friday, August 17, 2012

Your kindness

There’s nothing to be gained by being rude. Yet there’s a great deal of benefit in being kind and respectful.

If someone has been rude or hurtful to you, it’s natural to feel like being rude and hurtful in return. It’s natural and understandable, but not at all beneficial for anyone.

Rudeness projects weakness and insecurity, while kindness and respect impart confidence and strength. Which qualities would you prefer to communicate to others?

The powerful choice is the choice to be genuinely respectful and authentically kind. The way to move forward is to move beyond petty negativity and one-upmanship.

Though your kindness will not always be returned, it will certainly be noticed. And even if it’s not appreciated by anyone else, your kindness will always inject more positive value into your own life.

What you give, comes back to you, in ways that are impossible to foresee. Give your kindness, as often as you can, and benefit from the more positive world you are helping to create.

— Ralph Marston

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