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-- Jesse Jackson


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Leave the stress behind

Much of what is stressful to you is what you’ve decided is stressful. What if you decided differently?

Feeling stressed in certain situations, or with certain tasks, or with certain people, is not a foregone conclusion. Rather, it’s a way you choose to respond.

Sure, many things in life will challenge you greatly. Yet instead of letting those challenges get to you and make you stressful, you can choose a more powerful, effective response.

Instead of seeing yourself as fighting against the challenges, you can see yourself as thriving on them, and even enjoying them. Even when people and situations are extremely difficult, you can find great fulfillment in calmly working through them.

You can let others be stressed and angry and frustrated. All the while, you can choose to be peaceful and productive.

Life’s difficulties don’t have to bring you down, because you have what it takes to lovingly and purposefully deal with them. Choose to respond with a positive perspective, and leave the stress behind.

— Ralph Marston

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