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Bite off more than you can chew, then chew it.
-- Ella Williams


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Make your greatness real

You have immense greatness within you. Yet you have to be the person who lives, fulfills, expresses and manifests that greatness.

It’s something no one else can do for you. The special, unique greatness within you is of no use or significance without your active, committed participation in it.

The things you possess won’t express that greatness. The mere poses you assume won’t bring that greatness to life.

The only way to truly fulfill your own special greatness is by putting your time, your focus, your resources and dedication into living that greatness. For it is only through your day-to-day commitment that the special beauty within you flows outward.

It’s much easier to hide the beauty away, and to never let it fully develop. But what a shame that would be, and what a terrible regret it would create.

Life is longing for your greatness, and, deep inside, you are longing to bring it to life. Make the commitment, do the work to make that greatness real, and use your days to fulfill your own beautiful destiny.

— Ralph Marston

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