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Consciously or unconsciously we all strive to make the kind of a world we like.
-- Oliver Wendell Holmes


Thursday, May 31, 2012

Life as it is

Life is not lived in some far-off, imagined land of someday where everything is perfect. It is lived here and now, with the reality of the way things are.

Yes, by all means you can work toward an idealized existence. Yet to do so, you must successfully deal with the world as it is.

That, in fact, is much of what gives life its richness. Even though your present circumstances are less than ideal, you can nonetheless prevail and prosper.

The real and present difficulties never have to give you a reason to give up. On the contrary, they provide you with a clearly defined path for moving forward.

If everything was already perfect, there would be no opportunity to make improvements. There would be no way to enjoy the profound satisfaction of making a positive difference.

Enthusiastically embrace life as it is, with all the ups and downs. For within the context of life as it is you can make it truly outstanding.

— Ralph Marston

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