There never was a good knife made of bad steel.
-- Benjamin Franklin



Friday, September 30, 2011

Stretching yourself

Growth and improvement come from attempting to do what you previously could not do. Real, valuable learning comes from working to understand and to master what you previously have not known.

Achievement is a process of continually stretching yourself beyond prior limitations. Persist in stepping outside your boundaries, and you greatly expand those boundaries.

What was once impossible for you can become commonplace. What has so far held you back can become the basis for your success.

Sticking with only what you know keeps you stuck where you are. When you refuse to leave your comfort zone it will quickly become your prison.

Every bit of progress you’ve ever made has been the result of shaking off your inhibitions. You’ve done it many times before and you can do it many more times again.

So go ahead and get out beyond the comfortable trap of all you’re used to and all you’re sure of. Challenge yourself, stretch yourself, and reach beyond yourself all the way to the fulfillment of your most outstanding dreams.

— Ralph Marston


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