Well done is better than well said.
-- Benjamin Franklin



Wednesday, March 16, 2011

No longer impossible

The only way impossible can continue to be impossible is if nothing changes. And as is clearly obvious, life is always changing with every passing moment.

The concept of impossible is a static concept. Yet you are a dynamic force and as such, impossible does not really apply.

Yes, something may indeed be impossible at the moment. It won’t stay impossible for long.

How many good and fulfilling things have you given up on because they once were impossible? Perhaps it’s time to consider them again.

Whatever you’re able to achieve, comes from the realm of what is possible. And then, every achievement makes even more things possible.

Clearly focus your thoughts on the most wonderful outcome you can envision, and get yourself moving to make it happen. If it’s not possible now, it will be very soon.

— Ralph Marston


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