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Arriving at one point is the starting point to another.
-- John Dewey


Friday, December 3, 2010

The courage of fulfillment

When you make a habit of expecting the best, you will occasionally be disappointed. Though it is a risk, it’s a risk that’s well worth taking.

The alternative to being occasionally disappointed as a result of your high expectations is to be continually unfulfilled. Which would you rather have?

Everyone has the ability to live a fulfilling life. Unfortunately, many people fail to summon the courage to do so.

Working to fulfill your most profound desires is a risky thing because it opens you up to the possibility of disappointment. Sometimes it might seem attractive to simply lower your expectations and avoid the disappointment, but it doesn’t work that way.

Sure, when you choose to expect the best, you risk being disappointed from time to time. However, when you expect nothing good from life, you put yourself in a state of continual disappointment that can eventually lead to intractable regret.

Go ahead, acknowledge and accept the fact that your high expectations will sometimes result in disappointment. Remind yourself that when those disappointments come, you can raise your expectations even higher, moving forward with more energy and determination than ever before.

— Ralph Marston

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