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He who is afraid of asking is ashamed of learning.
-- Danish Proverb


Friday, November 19, 2010

Born to achieve

Where there is a problem, there is a potential achievement. Where there is a challenge, there is the possibility for triumph over that challenge.

Moving forward in life is all about creating new value. And the biggest obstacles in your path give you the biggest opportunities to create that value.

If you have no problems, that’s nice. If you have many problems, that’s even better because you also have many pathways to success and fulfillment.

Working through those problems is not easy, but then easy is overrated. A life of meaning and fulfillment is infinitely preferable to a life of useless ease.

Indeed, you have a driving desire to be useful in your own unique way. You have a driving desire to make a meaningful positive difference, and you’re well-equipped to do so.

Embrace the challenges with enthusiasm and positive expectation, and put your own special capabilities to work. You are born to achieve, and this is your opportunity to claim your magnificent birthright.

— Ralph Marston

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