Creativity is intelligence having fun.
-- Albert Einstein



Thursday, November 4, 2010

Partnership of success

Success is a partnership between thought and action. One without the other will not get you anywhere.

If you think about what you do and how you’ll do it, but do nothing, the result is failure. If you rush into getting it done without putting any thought into it, that will just as surely bring failure.

It’s crucial to put some good, solid thinking into what you wish to do. Be careful, though, not to think yourself out of ever getting it done.

Whatever your objective, it’s absolutely necessary to take action. Yet it is also vital to take appropriate action that is well thought out.

You can think and you can do. Each is challenging in its own way, and yet every valuable thing you’ve ever accomplished has utilized these two skills that you most certainly have.

You have what it takes to reach whatever goal you choose. Think and do, then think some more and do some more, and steadily work your way toward success.

— Ralph Marston


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