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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A little distance

Think of the most difficult challenge you currently face. Now imagine that it’s not you, but someone else who is going through that challenge.

What advice would you give that person? If you could step back and look at your situation as an objective observer, would you look at it any differently?

Think of the advice you would give another person if that person were in your exact same situation. Are you yourself following that advice right now?

When you’re the one who is facing a challenge, you can be so close to it that your judgment is distorted. So imagine stepping back, away from the worry and anxiety.

Look at your situation calmly and objectively, putting it into the vast and valuable perspective of your entire life experience. Don’t allow the problem to cloud your thinking just because you’re the person who is experiencing it.

Give yourself the benefit of a little distance. And give yourself some great advice.

— Ralph Marston

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