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Change alone is eternal, perpetual, immortal.
-- Arthur Schopenhauer


Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Even when the pain is great, the goodness in your life is greater. Feel that goodness, wrap your awareness around it, and act on it.

You have always known what joy feels like, and you can always allow that joy to flow out through your life. Each joy lives again, even more intensely, every time it is recalled.

Gently let go of the beliefs that you need this thing or that situation. Your spirit is always free to soar without limit, no matter what.

And when it does, when you allow the joy, when you celebrate the goodness, you bring real value to all that is around you. Instead of pretending that your troubles are an excuse to back down, see that they’re actually an opportunity to enrich your life.

Every beauty exists solely because you see it as such. Choose to see the beauty woven through all that is.

The love in your life is greater than anything that might seem to bring you down. Allow that love to carry you forward no matter what.

— Ralph Marston

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