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Every man without passion has within him no principle of action, nor motive of act.
-- Claude Adrien Helvetius


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Start strong

It takes only a few moments plus a little bit of energy and intention to get your day off to a positive, productive start. And the way you start your day will determine how the entire day goes for you.

At the beginning of the day, put the very best of yourself into life. That small effort will continue to pay as the day progresses.

Sure, you may not feel like being positive right off the bat. But if you wait for encouragement to come to you, then you might be waiting all day.

Instead, be the encouragement you seek. Be the instigator of your own successful day.

You can be the positive influence you are waiting for. You can be the reason this day starts on an upbeat note.

The first few minutes of each day are ripe with opportunity. Choose to start strong, and that strength will echo throughout the day.

— Ralph Marston

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