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Lack of will power has caused more failure than lack of intelligence or ability.
-- Flower A. Newhouse


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Make yourself a promise

What promise can you make to yourself today? What promise can you make to yourself, and keep?

You have made, and will continue to make, all sorts of commitments to others. If those commitments are to have any value, you must also be committed to yourself.

It’s not the least bit selfish to be committed to yourself. Because being your absolute best, is what enables you to be of service to others.

Right now, you know of many ways in which you can strengthen and improve your value to yourself, and your value to life. Pick one of those ways, right now, and make a promise to yourself to follow through.

No matter how far you’ve already come, there is always some new and fulfilling ground to cover. Choose a fresh, challenging path, and commit to making your way along it.

Make yourself a promise. And give to all of life your own unique gift of achievement.

— Ralph Marston

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