Your fortune is not something to find but to unfold.
-- Eric Butterworth



Monday, August 31, 2009

Living with richness

Feel how good it is to live this day. Feel the possibilities that have now been born.

Realize the power you have to make a difference. Think of the value that you can now create.

There is no end to the love you can give. There is no limit to the joy you can share.

Your vision, your imagination and your intentions point the way forward. Your thoughts and actions can bring the fulfillment you seek.

Open yourself to the goodness and to the opportunities that are yours right now. There is much for which to be thankful, and there are countless ways to express and fulfill your purpose.

Get busy living this day with richness and your own special meaning. Feel the unique joy of this moment, and carry it ever forward.

— Ralph Marston


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