You're never a loser until you quit trying.
-- Mike Ditka



Saturday, May 2, 2009

Leave limitations behind

Whatever you think is holding you back is not what is truly holding you back. What’s holding you back is your thought that something is holding you back.

Your limitations have precisely the power that you choose to give them. Ignore them and they become irrelevant.

The obstacles do not limit you. Rather, they compel you to be creative and resourceful.

The challenges you face do not limit you. They provide you with an arena in which to create meaningful value.

Is there something you desire that seems impossible? Then you still have work to do in framing and clarifying and connecting with the truth of that desire.

Nothing separates you from your authentic purpose other than your refusal to see it. See it, be it, and leave the limitations behind.

— Ralph Marston


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