By believing passionately in something that does not yet exist, we create it.
-- Nikos Kazantzakis



Monday, March 16, 2009

To be

Remember the things you knew before you ever knew anything. In those things you will discover who you truly are.

Pay attention to what you know without a doubt but cannot explain. Be reasonable while knowing that there is also much value beyond reason.

Find treasures in the rich world of material and sensation, and delight in them. Yet keep in mind that those treasures are mere tokens of the real treasure that is your very existence.

Be joyful for everything and for no reason at all. The joy that endures is the joy that flows freely from your desire to experience it.

Realize that you are even more beautiful than the most beautiful thing you can comprehend. Because you are able to bring all that beauty to life.

What an amazing thing it is to be. Live today in your own unique and miraculous way.

— Ralph Marston


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