Character is much easier kept than recovered.
-- Thomas Paine



Friday, July 18, 2008

Where there is a purpose

When there is a reason, there is a way. Where there is a purpose, there is a path.

You are capable of reaching higher and higher levels of achievement. The reason you have not yet reached some of them is because you have not yet had a compelling enough reason to do so.

When thinking of what you can do, stop thinking only in terms of what you have done. Think in terms of what you desire, what you can imagine, and what you can dream.

Think in terms of your purpose. Connect your awareness to whatever drives you, and it will drive you far indeed.

Purpose will find a way around the most stubborn obstacles. Purpose will bring the most meaningful and valuable possibilities into reality.

Follow the purpose that is truly you. And effectiveness, enthusiasm, achievement, joy and fulfillment will all flow into your life.

— Ralph Marston


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