Fall down seven times, stand up eight.
-- Japanese Proverb



Friday, June 13, 2008

The life you choose

Life is the way you see it. Life is the way you perceive it to be.

If you constantly focus on all the things that could go wrong, things will indeed go wrong. Turn your focus to the positive possibilities, and those possibilities begin to become real.

Expect to find the resources you seek, and they will be there. Know that life’s abundance is available to you, and more of it flows through your life.

From your perspective, everything is subject to your own interpretation of it. Much more important than what happens is what you make of it, and you can make of it anything you choose.

You are never at the mercy of random events unless you allow yourself to be. No matter what may come your way, you can decide what it means to you and how you will integrate it into your life.

The life you live is the life you choose to see and to experience. Choose, in this moment and every moment, to fill it with joy, meaningful purpose and fulfillment.

— Ralph Marston


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