He is happiest who hath power to gather wisdom from a flower.
-- Mary Howitt



Saturday, October 6, 2007

Give your very best

When you set out to cause harm to others, you will harm yourself even more. If your intent is to deceive, you will find that you have succeeded in cheating yourself.

Make your purpose to give, and you will end up receiving something of real and lasting value. When your goal is to teach, there is much that you will learn.

When you sincerely appreciate others for who they are, you will be genuinely admired for who you are. Act with respect in each encounter, and you will be well respected.

The motives that you direct toward others will, without fail and without exception, affect you as well. You cannot escape the consequences of your own intentions, so make those intentions positive.

Intend the very best for all of the world around you, and you will benefit greatly as well. Seek to give nourishment and support to life, and you will grow stronger with each passing moment.

What you give to and wish upon your world determines what comes into your life. Give your very best at all times, and that is exactly what you’ll get.

— Ralph Marston


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