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Consciousness of our powers augments them.
-- Vauvenargues


Saturday, December 2, 2006


Don’t let yourself get too caught up in what could have been, or would have been, or should have been. Look instead at the power and possibility of what is.

The things you see as problems are realities that you have chosen to interpret in a certain way. Consider that you can view them from a more positive and empowering perspective any time you wish.

Many of the burdens that weigh you down come from fighting against what has already happened. Gracefully accept what is, and experience the enormous sense of freedom that acceptance brings.

There is real value that exists right now in this moment, in this situation, in this unique set of circumstances. Allow yourself to fully accept the reality of what is, and you compel yourself to uncover that value.

Accept even what you cannot control, and you’ll discover more power and effectiveness in those things you can control. Accept responsibility for the things that influence your life, and you’ll be able to focus all that energy in a positive direction.

Accept all that is life, with its many twists and turns, in whatever way it may come to you. And you’ll find real opportunities for fulfillment and joy.

— Ralph Marston

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