There is no freedom like seeing myself as I am and not losing heart.
-- Elizabeth J. Canham



Thursday, November 9, 2006

The days to come

Live fully today, while also looking beyond it. For where you finish today is your starting point for tomorrow.

With effort and commitment, there is much you can bring to life this very moment. With vision and a solid sense of purpose, there is even more value that you can bring about in the days to come.

Treasure and enjoy today, while paving the way toward a bright tomorrow. Give your energy both to being and to becoming.

Right now, there is much beauty and richness to be found. Extend and expand that beauty into the moments that are to follow.

Accept, appreciate and make the most of the reality that is. As you do so, you are creating an even greater reality that will soon be.

On this day, you are setting a direction for the days to come. By giving your best to life today, you’re making that direction a positive and fulfilling one.

— Ralph Marston


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