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I am not surprised at what men suffer, but I am surprised at what men miss.
-- John Ruskin


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Over and over again

What you do over and over again, becomes a part of you. What you do over and over again, becomes so comfortable and familiar that you don’t even think about it.

So what do you do over and over again? What thoughts do you think to yourself again and again?

What words do you repeatedly say to others? What habits have you built into your daily life?

Do something once, and it has a small effect. Do something over and over again, and it can grow into a powerful, unstoppable force.

Success is built not by getting lucky on a one-shot attempt. Real success comes by integrating the small, seemingly trivial positive actions firmly into the fabric of your life.

The road to fulfillment is not hidden or complicated, and yet it does involve many steps, one after another after another. Achieve the small goals, over and over again, and they will surely grow into magnificent achievements.

— Ralph Marston

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