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Vision without action is daydream. Action without vision is nightmare.
-- Japanese proverb


Friday, July 14, 2006

Finish strong

When your day gets off to a bad start, it doesn’t have to end that way. Because you can adapt, adjust and put a positive spin on whatever may have already happened.

Just because you’ve suffered disappointment in the past does not mean it must continue. You have the opportunity right now to begin moving beyond that disappointment.

If you feel overwhelmed by life’s difficulties and frustrations, here’s something to consider. Every painful, negative thing that has ever happened to you is now in the past.

Though it would sometimes be nice to change the past, there is something much more powerful and valuable that you can now do. You can create the future.

The past disappointments and frustrations that seem so burdensome are kept alive primarily in your mind. You can decide right now to redirect that mental energy into thoughts and actions that move you positively forward.

No matter how you may have started, you can choose to finish strong. Now is the moment you can use to make a future that is rich, bright and fulfilling.

— Ralph Marston

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