We first make our habits, and then our habits make us.
-- John Dryden



Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Beyond the choice

When faced with making a choice between alternatives, it pays to put some time and effort into making the best choice. Then after the choice is made, it’s time to put your effort into making the most of that choice.

Certainly it is important to put thought and care into the decisions you make. Be sure to also put just as much energy into the living and fulfillment of those choices.

Making the best choice is a great start. Yet it is only a start.

The value of any choice comes from following through on it. The actions you take to support and carry out the choices you have made are what give those choices real meaning in your life.

The way your decision works out depends on what you do to make it work out. As important as the decision itself may have been, it is not nearly as important as what you do to bring it to life.

You’ve made the choice. Now is your opportunity to make it real.

— Ralph Marston


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