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No man is hurt but by himself.
-- Diogenes


Saturday, April 1, 2006

A fresh look

What you already know can be a great help to you in learning new things. Yet at times, it can also get in the way.

It can be difficult to clearly and objectively see something when you think you already know everything about it. In such cases, you will usually see only what you expect to see and nothing else.

Think of the wealth of detail that you notice when you go to a place where you’ve never been before. Then consider all the many details in your familiar surroundings that you never even think about because you have seen them so often.

The world is constantly changing. And some of your long-held assumptions about the things most familiar to you could be woefully out of date.

It’s likely that there are many valuable treasures all around your life, hidden and at the same time within plain sight. A good way to see them is to temporarily disregard what you already know.

Every now and then, make it a point to look at the world with eyes untainted by expectations, assumptions or past experience. You’ll be amazed at what you can see.

— Ralph Marston

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