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Every great work of art has two faces, one toward its own time and one toward the future, toward eternity.
-- Daniel Barenboim


Monday, March 20, 2006

Adjusting your approach

Is what you’re doing now getting you where you want to be? If not, then it’s time for some changes.

Yes, change can be frightening and difficult. Yet it is immensely more desirable than continuing to put your effort into going where you don’t want to go.

Most likely, some things you’re now doing are working and some things are not. It will pay you enormously to figure out which are which.

Achievement is a moving target, and conditions are constantly changing. So regularly adjusting your approach is necessary to a successful life.

Even the most skillful captain must make adjustments in the ship’s course along the way. An important part of reaching your destination is recognizing when you’ve strayed off the path and then finding a way to get back on it.

So take a good look at where you’re headed, honestly, objectively, and with the intention of making whatever adjustments are necessary. Keep yourself pointed toward the goal, and your actions will surely take you there.

— Ralph Marston

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