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He who would move the world must first move himself.
-- Edward Ericson


Thursday, March 9, 2006

Meeting expectations

Your expectations will certainly influence the results you get, so it pays to expect the very best. What’s to be done, though, when in spite of your best efforts the reality of life does not meet your expectations?

Simply adjust to that reality, make the most of what is available to you, and continue forward with even higher expectations. There’s no sense in becoming disillusioned, for that will not bring you anything of value.

Is it foolishly naive to expect the best when the experience of life has often let you down? Not at all, for with each disappointment you learn to fine-tune your approach so that your positive expectations become more attainable than ever.

When you expect something of real, meaningful value from life, you will eventually get it, though often not in the way you first thought you would. What may at the time seem to be a disappointment could very likely turn out to be a necessary and positive step forward.

Life is filled with surprises. Even the surprises that look as if they’re defying your expectations could actually end up strengthening your position.

Through it all, continue to expect the best. The more fully and sincerely you do so, the more you’ll have every twist and turn of events working in your favor.

— Ralph Marston

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