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-- Walt Disney


Saturday, February 11, 2006

Connect to purpose

Having a purpose in life is a lot of work. It is also an absolute necessity.

It is tempting to run from, hide from or avoid purpose, because real purpose brings with it the possibility for discomfort, disappointment and even tragedy. Yet the far greater tragedy is a life with no purpose at all.

Life without purpose is misery, even if you are surrounded with every material comfort and pleasure imaginable. Life with purpose is sweet and fulfilling, even when there is much difficulty and challenge.

Where there is purpose, there is energy. Actions directed toward a compelling purpose will create a powerful momentum that lines up events and circumstances in your favor.

Purpose gives you a reason to get going each day and strengthens your determination to persist when the going gets tough. Purpose pushes you firmly toward your highest level of accomplishment.

Connect, and continually re-connect yourself with a meaningful purpose. And that purpose will connect you with the best of life’s treasures.

— Ralph Marston

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