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-- Margaret Fuller


Thursday, February 9, 2006

Changing and steady

For life to move forward, some things must change. For life to have meaning, some things must endure.

It is good to embrace change, because growth, progress and value creation are impossible without it. At the same time, it is wise to be wary and careful with change, for a solid, steady foundation contributes greatly to life.

In fact, new and valuable changes are made possible by the very fact that some things do not change. When the ground beneath your feet holds steady, you can reliably build many new and useful things upon it.

Make the most of the opportunities to change, to grow, to improve, and to move forward into new territory. At the same time, protect and preserve the fundamental, enabling values upon which your life is built.

A successful, fulfilled life is at the same time changing and steady. Understanding what must change and what must not is a key life skill, one that is well worth the time and trouble to develop.

Be ever willing to change some things in life while being reliably able to hold firm in other things. It is a powerful combination that will take you far.

— Ralph Marston

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