Never fear shadows. They simply mean there's a light shining somewhere nearby.
-- Ruth E Renkel



Friday, January 20, 2006

A bright and clear direction

Are you confused about what direction to go? Then try a little gratitude.

If you’re having trouble developing a strong sense of direction, consider those things in your life for which you are most thankful. By focusing on what you truly value and appreciate about where you’ve been, you’ll be much better able to see where you want to go.

What good and valuable things in your past would you like to expand upon in your future? The things that have already given you a sense of meaning and fulfillment can also give you a sense of direction.

The more you appreciate the good things you have, the more clearly you’ll understand what to do with them. The more thankful you are for what has already happened in your life, the more purposeful you’ll be in moving forward.

There are many magnificent possibilities for your life right now. Gratitude will bring the best of them into sharper focus.

Put some time, thought and energy into being thankful for the good things you have. Your gratitude for the past and present will help you chart a bright and clear direction for the future.

— Ralph Marston


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