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No man will work for your interests unless they are his.
-- David Seabury


Thursday, January 12, 2006

What you can and cannot do

There are some things that you can control, and there are other things that you cannot. There are things that you can change, and there are other things that you must simply learn to live with.

By accepting what you cannot do, you free up much time and energy that can be devoted to what you can do. By being at peace with the things you cannot change, you give yourself more power and effectiveness over the areas where you can indeed make a difference.

You could waste your time and energy complaining that the ocean is too deep and wide. Or you could figure out how to sail across it.

You could fall back on the excuse that the mountains are too high to get past. Or you could climb your way over and through them.

It’s great to be well aware of what you can do. And it’s even better to also acknowledge and accept what you cannot do.

For that gives you the ability to put all your energy and resources into efforts that will truly make a positive difference. Accept what you cannot do, and you’ll find great success in doing what you can.

— Ralph Marston

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