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Know and believe in yourself, and what others think won't disturb you.
-- William Feather


Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Take responsibility

With responsibility comes control. The things for which you are willing to accept the most responsibility are the things over which you are able to exercise the most control.

It may sometimes seem that avoiding responsibility is the easiest way to respond to challenging situations. Yet when you avoid responsibility, it allows other people and events to control your life.

And before long, taking the seemingly easy path of avoiding responsibility becomes very difficult indeed. Because when you run away from responsibility, you severely limit your options.

It may seem unfair to have to take responsibility for difficult situations that are not your fault. And yet, it is that very responsibility that will enable you to move positively forward through those challenges.

Though responsibility can be difficult and can require great effort, it is more an opportunity than a burden. For with responsibility, you can inject real, positive value into even the most troubling situation.

Take responsibility, and use that responsibility to move your world forward. Take responsibility, and take positive control.

— Ralph Marston

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